Retail & Consumer Goods

Competition in the retail and CPG industries is cutthroat. Stock-outs and markdowns are cutting deeply into revenue, causing many companies to miss their profit targets.

Fluctuating demand and short product lifecycles are wreaking havoc with inventory management. Supply chain management grows in complexity as collaboration among multiple trading partners increases. Product line extensions and brand re-positioning are responding to ever narrower market segments. Yet the customer remains fickle, even as their value-expectations grow more demanding.

If you're rolling out a customer loyalty program, how do you make it scale to accommodate all the partners willing to join a successful program? If you're taking the leap into an RFID application, do you have a roadmap for realizing the full potential of this emerging technology? If you’re a CPG company implementing a consumer-driven restructuring of your supply chain, how do you ensure that the needs of your retail partners are met?

Iman Systems and Resources gives you a competitive edge. The Iman Systems and Resources Distributed Order Management solution helps you offer a unified shopping experience to your customers. Lead Time Optimization reduces revenue-loss from markdowns and stock-outs.