CAS CPwerx

With over two decades of Consumer Products enterprise software expertise, CAS has extensive technical expertise and a deep understanding of the business processes unique to the industry. CAS 8 delivers industry-leading advances in Technology, Functionality, User Interface, and Mobility, to close the loop on your trade promotion processes and provides significant improvements in speed-to-value and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Integrated Data Model

CAS utilizes an integrated data model developed from the ground up and based on leading industry practices to meet the specific needs of global Consumer Products companies. A packaged application flexibly delivered, CAS 8 is the only enterprise-wide sales force automation tool that can leverage all of your disparate sales-related data within a single solution. This ensures every business process is supported and empowers your organization to effectively share data across the entire enterprise so you can reduce financial cycle times, improve forecast accuracy, and more effectively manage performance.

Multi-tiered Architecture

CAS 8 is a web-based best-of-breed application that is fully Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) compliant and built with five unique layers in a Microsoft.NET environment. Leveraging a multi-tiered architecture has powerful advantages in scalability, in supporting different deployment scenarios (server, online clients, offline clients), and flexibility to change layers and means CAS 8 can be easily integrated into any applications within your enterprise. Deployed on one platform and one custom database repository to easily support both online and offline users, this approach translates into greater cost savings and faster implementations – one software instance to maintain and upgrade means lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Advanced Mobility

CAS 8 is the only integrated software suite developed specifically for the Consumer Products industry that can be deployed on all major Mobility device platforms – including Smartphone, PDA, Tablet, and Laptop – in both online and offline environments. Leveraging the power of Microsoft's .NET platform and the MS Windows Mobile operating system, CAS 8 ensures all of the power of CAS is available to the field. Across channels, customers, and geographies (both established and emerging), you can be confident that the right information gets to the right person at the right time, empowering your team to make better decisions.