Special Report: Security from Oracle

In most organizations, two thirds of sensitive and regulated information resides in databases. Yet most IT security programs fail to address database security, leaving critical data at risk. Every year, data breaches and fraud cost organizations millions of dollars happen every year. Here, learn more about protecting your business, including the important trends Oracle executives identified at the recent Security Summit. Plus, sign up for a webcast on May 24 to learn about the preventive and detective controls needed to protect your data and the complete Oracle Database Security solutions that you can use to shore up your defenses.

Oracle Chief Security Officer Summit 2011
Today's security executive needs to adopt a "Security Inside Out" approach, where information assets are protected all the way from databases to applications to end points. In March of 2011, Oracle held a Security Summit for Chief Information Security Officers and Chief Security Officers. The presentations at the summit were designed to help them overcome the historical notion of perimeter security, with its network firewalls, email gateways, and anti-virus solutions. The notion of perimeter is no longer relevant in an era of pervasive external-facing applications, cloud computing services, and outsourcing.

Q&A: Darren Calman on Oracle Identity Management One Year After Sun Acquisition 
“First, Oracle remains the leader in identity management. Perhaps the best proof of our success has to be the fact that even during this major integration period, we continue to build both our customer and partner ecosystem,” says Darren Calman, senior director of product management for Oracle's identity and access management group.

Three Types of Cybercrime and How to Protect Your Organization 
According to the CERT 2011 Cyber Crime Watch Results the most common insider electronic crimes fall into three categories: IT sabotage, fraud, or theft of intellectual property. Enterprises need to consider a defense strategy to protect against these types of cybercrimes and, in particular, safeguard their data at the source — in their databases.

Oracle Steers You Clear of the Worst Security Practices
The 2010 Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) Data Security Survey revealed some risky business practices when it comes to data security. The Oracle-sponsored survey, produced by Unisphere Research, “uncovered some surprising results,” says Roxana Bradescu, senior director of product marketing, Oracle Database Security.

Five Ideas: Security
Learn about the recent findings of two data security surveys, the release of Oracle Database Firewall and how to stay safe as you move onto the cloud.

Q&A: Security Experts Describe Next-Gen Security for Cloud Computing
Cloud environments offer enormous advantages, from lower costs to massive scalability, but they have also presented daunting security risks, especially as sensitive data moves beyond an organization's firewalls.To meet this challenge, Oracle has pioneered a set of identity management solutions that extends the power of Oracle Identity Management to cloud environments.

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Information Security Buck
One of the greatest areas of concern arises when the business is collaborating with customers, partners and suppliers. This usually means exposing some part of enterprise information systems to third parties, or allowing the business to share information via email or documents. Information security expert Simon Thorpe helps you consider ways to protect the information itself, no matter where it lives.

Personal Protection
To design a good strategy, says Jennifer Bayuk, a former chief information security officer at Bear Stearns, executives need to first know what’s valuable to their business — and be able to communicate that to their security leadership. Here, she tells Profit readers about the mistakes she sees in the field, how to handle budgets during the recovery, and what technology solutions she is most excited about.