The Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus

The Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus (EE) is a comprehensive suite of enterprise BI products, delivering the full range of BI capabilities including interactive dashboards, full ad hoc, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, real-time predictive intelligence, disconnected analytics, and more. In addition to providing the full gamut of BI functionality, the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE Plus platform is based on a proven, modern Web Services-Oriented Architecture that delivers true next-generation BI capabilities.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus has the following components:

  • Oracle BI Server: Common enterprise business model and abstraction layer
  • Oracle BI Answers: Ad-hoc query and reporting
  • Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards: Highly interactive dashboards for accessing business intelligence and applications content
  • Oracle BI Delivers: Proactive business activity monitoring and alerting
  • Oracle BI Disconnected Analytics: Full analytical functionality for the mobile professionals
  • Oracle BI Publisher (formely known as XML Publisher): Enterprise reporting and distribution of "pixel-perfect" reports
  • Oracle BI Briefing Books: Snapshots of dashboard pages to view and share in offline mode
  • Hyperion Interactive Reporting: Intuitive and highly interactive ad-hoc reporting
  • Hyperion SQR Production Reporting: High volume, presentation-quality formatted report generation
  • Hyperion Financial Reporting: Formatted, book-quality financial and management reporting
  • Hyperion Web Analysis: Web-based online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis, presentation, and reporting

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